Besides our regular ministries that we are involved with, you may not realise what services we can provide to our community.

Exploring Spirituality

Do you have anyone in your life who you can discuss spiritual matters with or your own spirituality?

Some of life’s most difficult questions are the spiritual ones.  What is the purpose of life?  Where does real meaning come from?  What is of real value in our lives?  If there truly is a God who loves us, how could there be so much suffering and unfairness in the world?  Part of our addiction to the busyness of life is an attempt to prevent ourselves from thinking about our mortality, the inevitable fact of our own death.  But when we keep ourselves too busy to consider the purpose of our existence, our lives cease to have meaning.  Strangely, it is only when we fully accept the reality of our mortality that we truly begin to live.  This is the point at which we begin to enter into and learn about the spiritual dimension of our humanity.

As French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin remarked, “We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a physical experience.”  Our spirituality is our true essence.  It is that part of our life which relates to our soul, which from a spiritual perspective is connected to the Divine and is infinite.  This lifetime is but the physical experience of our deeper reality, our spirit, which is our fundamental nature.

Why would you talk to us?

  • We care about your soul.  We genuinely care about your spirituality and about helping you to become better connected to the author and sustainer of all life, God
  • While we have some set beliefs, we want to open a two way conversation with you
  • We believe that any genuine discussion about spirituality must include Jesus Christ.  No one else makes the claims he makes, does the things he does or states as emphatically that he is the only way to God.  In fact he is the only one, with any credibility, that claims to be God.  And if God came all the way to earth to say something to us then we believe it is worth giving some consideration to, and we think we know enough about it that we could share it with you.

Infant Dedication or Infant Naming

Children are a blessing to any family and they deserve to be celebrated.  If you are unsure about how you could celebrate the birth of a new child with your family or friends, but want to, then consider a Dedication or Naming ceremony.  These formal services can be conducted in the privacy of your own home or at a local park or community facility.  And when we say formal, we really mean as formal or as informal as you like it.

The essence of any ceremony conducted by HBC is the invitation to God, to become a part of the child’s life.  After all, we all want our children to grow strong and healthy and to be well connected with others.  We would like for your child to be strong and healthy in their spiritual life and to be connected with the God of the universe.  We believe this is essential for them and your family.

Premarital Training

We all know marriage can be trying at times, but on the whole it comes as a great blessing.  Unfortunately the rate of divorce today shows that all too many couples are not finding it a blessing.  One reason for this is that couples go into marriage, not knowing what they are getting themselves in for.  You think you know who you are marrying but when you get married, everything changes.  This is such a common experience it might almost be universal.

Premarital training in our opinion is essential.  We take couples through the Prepare-Enrich program which we would encourage you to check out for yourself.  If you decide to make a great choice for your marriage and sign up, the first step is to take an on-line customised self-report questionnaire.  The results will provide a self-report description of your relationship which will form the basis of discussion for the rest of the training.  As well as providing important demographic and background information for a couple, 22 areas are assessed and individual and couple responses in these areas are summarised in reports made available.


A wedding is a beautiful moment in your life.  And while we are unable to provide a venue for one of the greatest days of your life, we can help by providing a celebrant who can walk you through everything you need to make it a perfect ceremony.

With so many great outdoor venues and private function centres in and around Helensburgh, you can have a Christian ceremony where you want it.  Our registered marriage celebrant will work with you to create a unique and enjoyable ceremony for you and your guests.


Death is an inevitable part of life and so are funerals.  When the time comes for you to farewell someone you love, a funeral that is conducted well can make all the difference to those who are experiencing grief.  Often a time of death is a time of sadness and stress.  There are many details that need to be taken care of which are unfamiliar to most people.  While we can’t lessen your sadness, we can ease your burden by attending to the many details of the service, allowing you the time and space to grieve and remember.

Practical Support

As a Church we want to make sure that people always feel like there is someone there to help.  One of the best ways we have found to do that is by providing practical assistance.  We do that in a number of ways.

  1. We have a food pantry that provides hampers for families who are both in need or who simply need some encouragement.  At Christmas time we also provide special hampers to families who may have had a particularly rough year
  2. As a Church we are able to provide meals to help take the pressure and burden off families in need
  3. We have helped families, particularly the elderly, who now find it difficult to maintain their house and yard.
  4. And there are plenty of other things that we do as a Church, every week, to help people around us.

What we want to say is if you need help, please consider giving us a call, we would love to help.