Because we take our lead from Jesus, part of the very reason we exist is for the benefit of others.  So we are committed to making sure we are actively involved in helping others, both locally and internationally.

Global Interaction exists to empower communities to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus.  They support a number of missionaries in numerous countries.  In partnership with Global Interaction, HBC supports missionaries from a number of countries through the generosity of its members.
HBC has been the driving force behind one of the communities favourite events of the year, Carols in the Burgh.  Prior to 2010, Carols in the Burgh was known as Jazz and Carols in the Park and was located in Stanwell Park.  In 2010 we moved back to Helensburgh and have now found a home at Charles Harper Park.

Christmas Carols are a treasure trove of truth about God.  They say so much about the Christmas message and the greatest gift we have ever been given, Jesus Christ. At Carols in the Burgh we try to let the Carols tell the story, we just provide some great music, entertainment, food and drink, gloware, candles, and of course a visit from Santa who may have a surprise or two for the kids.

HBC has lead the way in joining the Churches of Helensburgh and other community organisations for this event.  Over the years Carols in the Burgh has helped to raise funds for numerous local community charities and good causes.  It is a great event that allows people to hear the Christmas message of Jesus’ birth, have a great night out for the whole family, and make a difference in our community.

In 2011 HBC initiated something quite different.  It decided that its gathering on a Sunday could do more than just meet in a Church, we had a vision that we could and should use all of that man/woman power to serve others and to make that a natural part of what we do.  So we get out and do something as a whole Church on Action Sundays.

So far we have participated in the Clean Up Australia campaign, we have done spring cleaning for Helensburgh Community Pre-School, tried our best to help an older resident with his garden, and prayed for our schools, our businesses and you (if you lived in Helensburgh).  If you have any idea of how we can help please let us know.  Your idea and our resources could make a big difference.

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As a Church we want to make sure that people always feel like there is someone there to help.  One of the best ways we have found to do that is by providing practical assistance.  We do that in a number of ways.

  1. We have a food pantry that provides hampers for families who are both in need or who simply need some encouragement.  At Christmas time we also provide special hampers to families who may have had a particularly rough year
  2. As a Church we are able to provide meals to help take the pressure and burden off families in need
  3. We have helped families, particularly the elderly, who now find it difficult to maintain their house and yard.
  4. And there are plenty of other things that we do as a Church, every week, to help people around us.

What we want to say is if you need help, please consider giving us a call, we would love to help.

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More to come soon