If you are new to the area or simply interested in finding out a little more about our church and what we do then this is the option for you.

We are so glad that you have stopped by to check us out.  We love our Church and we are sure that there is something here to interest you.  We have tried to provide some really useful information to help you in your search.  If you find that you still need more information or that you would like to talk to someone, rather than stare at a screen, we are always more than happy to speak with you.

WHY WE LOVE HBC - as quoted by our members


We love our Church and think that you will too.  There are numerous reasons for us to think you might.  Let us list just a few for you though.

Our People

First and foremost our biggest assets are our people. Our Church comprises of people from all walks of life, there is just such a diverse group of people here that we are sure you will find someone you can relate to.  Having such a diverse group of people who meet together regularly has helped make us a very compassionate and caring community of people.  When other people have commented on our Church, their first impression is usually that it is a very caring place to be, and they are right.

There is so much more we could say about the people at HBC, like their extraordinary musical talents, their willingness to serve, their acceptance of others and their openess to meeting others, but in order to believe me you might just have to meet them yourself.

Our Culture

All Churches are different.  And besides the people, the culture is what makes the Church unique.  HBC is a Baptist Church which means that we seek to govern our own affairs according to our understanding of the bible, which is our only source of authority.  If you are intersted in knowing more about Baptists and what sets us apart from other denominations then follow this link.  Other reasons you might like us include:

  • Our general approach is informal and relaxed, much like a family gathering
  • There is no us and them mentality, everyone is welcome and everyone is equal
  • Our Church is open to ideas and really values involvement from its members
  • And as a community we have a very clear vision that we are pursuing with God’s help.


We could talk about ourselves all day but you will learn more about us by looking at what we do.  Follow the links to find out more about us.



And of course at the heart of everything we do are our Values and our Vision, make sure you give them a glance over aswell.